We Went In Search Of The World’s Most Unique Places, And This Is What We Found

October 4, 2016  —  By

We all live here. More than 7.1 billion of us. All of us on this third planet from the sun.

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We know that when we stand on the equator we are spinning around the Earth’s center at 1000 miles per hour. At the North and South Poles though, we stand still, and gently rotate on the axis. We’ve identified 9,956 species of birds, and nearly ten times that of insects. The ocean at its deepest is nearly 7 miles deep, and the hottest recorded temperature has been 56.7 degrees celsius in Death Valley, USA.

We could go on for ages about what makes our planet amazing and more than just a floating rock in space, but we thought showing you would be more impressive.

It has taken us 20 months of exploring, hiking, climbing, walking, trekking, and flying to photograph some of Earth’s most unique places, and we know that there’s probably a million others that need to be photographed, but for now, here’s 20 that should be added to everyone’s bucket list.

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